aphrodisiacThe term“aphrodisiac” isn’t only a section of the Kama Sutra–aphrodisiacs are real and are commonly used today by both men and women who want to feel “in the mood” more often in regards to sexual arousal.

As sexual performance becomes more and more important to consumers, supplements to increase libido and sex drive are showing up all over the sexual enhancement market. Often, these products use aphrodisiacs as their main selling points and come in the form on male enhancement products, herbal treatments, teas, and can even be consumed in the diet.

What are Aphrodisiacs?

More than just a figment of ancient Grecian passion, aphrodisiacs are substances that increase sexual desire in the here and now. Originally, the name took root from the Greek Goddess of sexuality and love, Aphrodite, and throughout history and into today, there have been and are foods, drinks, herbs, and behaviors that make sex more attainable, more desirable, and more pleasurable.

Natural Aphrodisiacs

The following is a list of natural aphrodisiacs. Some may be obvious, while others may surprise you:

saffronTestosterone-the primary male sex hormone

Tribulus Terrestris-has the ability to naturally boost testosterone levels

Yohimbine-this drug is said to increase genital blood flow and therefore treat impotence

Ginkgo Biloba-improves focus and drive so your partner can be the only thing on your mind

Oysters-because of their shape, oysters tend to enhance sexual arousal

Saffron-used in eastern dishes and medicine, saffron is said to spark sexual desire

Maca-this root is said to enhance testosterone levels and thus increase sex drive

These are just a few among many known aphrodisiacs. Under false pretenses, exotic foods like bananas, artichokes, and mamey sapote are often considered aphrodisiacs until a culture becomes more familiar with them.

How do Aphrodisiacs Work?

Aside from visual aphrodisiacs such as bananas, guavas, and cucumbers, many aphrodisiacs release chemicals that trigger sexual stimulation in the brain, while others target specific body parts. The aphrodisiacs that are commonly used in male enhancement products to improve sexual performance and treat impotence increase blood flow to the penis, thus inducing longer-held, firmer, erections which spark sexual desire and deliver greater sexual pleasure.

Although aphrodisiacs have been discovered that have proven to work, many individuals involved in Western science and medicine are skeptical of this concept because libido is an immeasurable concept. What might be increased sexual arousal for one may not have the same effect on another.

Should I use an Aphrodisiac?

However, this doesn’t mean that you should write off the use of aphrodisiacs, rather, they’re the first natural remedy you should turn to when wanting to increase your sex drive and desire. Keep in mind, some of the natural aphrodisiacs, in herbal or supplement form, can interact dangerously with medications. Always be aware of what you are putting into your body, especially when you’re dealing with something as delicate as sexual and natural male enhancement.

Our Favorite Aphrodisiac Supplement

zytenzMany of the above-mentioned aphrodisiacs can be found in a natural male enhancement supplement called Zytenz. This product is both safe and effective and yields sexual enhancement results in the now as well as long-term.

By containing ingredients such as Beta alanine, Tribulus terrestis, Epimedium, Arginine Ethyl Ester, Catuaba, and Gingko Biloba, Zytenz combines some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs and male enhancement herbs on the market to bring you a male enhancement product that works. Zytenz allows you to experienced increased desire, more stamina stamina, bette control over your orgasm, and increased overall pleasure in the bedroom. We’d recommend this product for anyone looking for a safe and effective way to enhance their sexual performance.

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