What are IGF-1 Lozenges?

As you get older the signs of aging might start to wreak havoc on your health and ability to maintain the fit physique you want. Your energy wanes, your muscles get weak and flabby, and you just don’t look the way you used to.

What if you could turn back the clock a little bit? IGF-1 Lozenges are anti-aging supplements. IGF-1 Lozenges claim to have the right formula to increase your muscles and strength, repair cell damage, increase amino acid transport to muscles, regenerate tissues after exercise, and enhance your immune system function.

What is IGF-1?

Insulin Growth Factor 1 is a hormone produced in the liver. It is a combination of insulin and HGH and is known for its ability to reverse signs of aging. IGF-1 heals cells damaged from age or bad health. Its ability to heal and regenerate cells results in several benefits.

• IGF-1 can support a healthier immune system, encourage fat loss and lean muscle gain, improve the quality of your hair and skin, and increase your energy levels.

• IGF-1 is found in abundance in children and like HGH, its levels decrease with age.

• IGF-1 Lozenges are unique because the lozenge allows for quick and direct absorption in the blood stream. Many HGH supplements fall short of expectations because they take so long to go into action. IGF-1 Lozenges supposedly have a quicker effect.

What’s in IGF-1 Lozenges?

IGF-1 contains only two ingredients:
• Deer Antler Velvet Extract (33 mg)
• IGF-1 (82.5 ng)

Deer Antler Velvet is quickly becoming a featured ingredient in a wide variety of health supplements. The list of purported benefits is long, including improved sexual function, anti-stress, improved mental clarity, improved performance, improved energy, etc.

However, none of Deer Antler’s benefits are clinically proven. Many believe that Deer Antler Velvet has no real effect at all.

The biggest problem with both of these ingredients is that IGF-1 Lozenges includes them in such small dosages. Generally, hundreds of milligrams are needed for an ingredient in order for it to be potent and effective.

Only 33 milligrams of Deer Antler Velvet and 82.5 nanograms of IGF-1 will not be enough to really be beneficial.

IGF-1 Lozenges Pros

• Contains IGF-1
• Unique lozenge form
• Inexpensive

IGF-1 Lozenges Cons

• Ineffective ingredient dosages
• No money-back guarantee

Overall Value

One good point for IGF-1 Lozenges is that they can be found for relatively cheap online—as low as $11.00.

Because of the low ingredient dosage, it is hard to recommend IGF-1 Lozenges as an HGH pill that will work. IGF-1 certainly can have many health benefits to help you improve your workouts, your body, and your overall health.

IGF-1 Lozenges may just not pack the punch that you need to fight the powerful effects of aging. The best HGH pills contain ingredients that help naturally stimulate the release of HGH or IGF-1 in your body.

Should you try IGF-1 Lozenges? Given the small ingredient amount, it’s pretty safe to assume that IGF-1 Lozenges are safe and side effect free. They are also inexpensive.

However, if you’re looking for guaranteed results, check out the top recommended HGH supplements.

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