Vital HGH

It can be so difficult to choose a diet pill that’s right for you. Almost every Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplement claims to be the most effective, the safest, or the best. But how can you really know until you try it? The manufacturer of Vital HGH, Liddell Laboratories, claims that their product is safe, effective and homeopathic.

What is so great about Vital HGH?

Vital HGH has three features. First, it is an oral spray. Second, it only has five ingredients. Third, it is supposed to help you sleep better, burn more fat, and build more muscle.

Oral Spray
Not many HGH supplements come in the form of an oral spray. Vital HGH is supposed to be much more convenient and easy to take, so you can get the recommended dosage with faster absorption.
Five Ingredients
Out of the five ingredients only three are active: Human Growth Hormone, Pituitary Porcine, and Hepar Suis.

Human Growth Hormone increases the amount of HGH that your body already has. Unfortunately, the older your get the less HGH your body makes; which is why an HGH supplement like Vital HGH can be so beneficial. Human Growth Hormone is known to contribute to higher levels of energy.

Pituitary Porcine and Hepar Suis come from the pituitary gland and liver of pigs. Pituitary Porcine should promote healthy muscle development and restful sleep. Hepar Suis is supposed to be good for your liver, skin and muscle cells, and metabolism.

The two inactive ingredients are organic alcohol and purified water.

Sleep, Fat, and Muscle

Vital HGH claims to improve the quality of your sleep, so you feel more rested and energized each day. Vital HGH should increase your metabolism and your ability to burn fat cells. Lastly, Vital HGH claims to help you build and maintain more lean muscle. All of these benefits are supposed to be achieved by Human Growth Hormone, Pituitary Porcine and Hepar Suis.

Is Vital HGH Effective and Safe?

Not really. There is no evidence to support the claimed benefits of Pituitary Porcine and Hepar Suis. Human Growth Hormone is a good ingredient, but there is not enough in Vital HGH to be help you lose weight. Even if Vital HGH had a clinically proven dose of each ingredient, the fact that this product is an oral spray, with tiny serving sizes, reduces it’s potency to almost zero. Some people reported that they experienced better sleep, easier weight loss, and more muscle gain while taking Vital HGH. We think it is unlikely that Vital HGH played a significant role in this.

Yes, Vital HGH is safe. It does not cause side effects and can usually be paired with other drugs or medications.

Pricing & Guarantee

The retail price for one bottle (1 oz.) of Vital HGH is $39.99. The lowest price available is $22.99. There are a few online sellers who also offer free shipping.

If you purchase Vital HGH and are not satisfied with this product, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back.

Educated Opinion

Vital HGH is a safe, homeopathic HGH supplement, but it is not very powerful. The dose of ingredients included in the product and each serving are not strong enough to be effective. The benefits of Pituitary Porcine and Hepar Suis is only speculation. There could be some benefits to using Vital HGH, but we suggest that you find an HGH supplement that is more reliable.

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